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activity book for ‘t werkhuys vzw

‘t Werkhuys VZW is a non profit organisation in Borgerhout. Every year, they offer different activities that bring the community together, from art to sports, to languages and children summer camps. Their agenda is presented in a book designed by an artist containing the description of their agenda.

Lauboratorium was chosen to do the September – December 2018 and January – June 2019. A compiliation of illustrations guide the reader through the organization’s offers and objectives.

Design in Adobe Indesign CC2018.


de vuelta

“De Vuelta” was published on April 2013 by Ediciones B in Bogotá, Colombia. Illustrations are made in color pencil and white ink. The book tells the story of a girl who forgets how to play. Sank in the busy adult life, she meets a special character who will guide her through new adventures of self-discovery.

steffen and the dream air ballon

Written by Harry P.A. van de Water and published in September 2016 by Paris Books, Nederland.

Illustrations done in pencil and digital coloring by Laura Vargas.

“Steffen and the dream air ballon” tells the story of a highly sensitive boy who suffers from having an overwhelming opened heart. He wants to search for the land Apathia where he can close his heart and stop the torturous feelings. The struggles and adventures from Steffen will lead him in an interesting path of self-discovery.