Mural painting in Arendonk, Belgium
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Mural painting in Arendonk, Belgium

May 5 /2017

“Pimp Het Dorp” (Pimp your village) was a project led by the municipality of Arendonk, the little Belgian town where I live.They gave the opportunity to artists and designers of the area to send a pr
oposal and dress the walls in the center of town.

After choosing the most appropriate work, artists decorated the walls. On may 5th the murals were presented to the people with postcards that served as guides through the alleys.

I felt very honored to be given
a double wall to show a illustration about the process of migrating to a new country. The illustration portrays a snail that carries a “snowball” (those you buy in gift-shops) of an imaginary land that resembles my birthplace: Colombia. The snail represents the animal that carries its home. Just like the snail, I embarked on a journey across the ocean. But your home remains strongly with-in you.

The word Thuishoren means in Nederlands: to belong and its composed from two words: home (thuis) and hearing (horen). In a metaphorical plane, to belong in Dutch means to able to hear your home where ever you are. As an immigrant, you are challenged to adapt to new places, cultures and customs in order to survive, but your home remains a beautiful melody in the back of your head that reminds you where you come from.