Welcome “Steffen en de droomballon”
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Welcome “Steffen en de droomballon”

September 17 / 2016

After many months of hard work “Steffen en de Droomballon” is printed and ready!

I was really exited to hold the lovely hard c
over it and feel the illustrations
printed on paper. Talking with Harry P.A. van d
e Water (Writer of the book) we both felt like holding our baby for the first time. It was an honor to work on such a lovely text and having the chance to explore a combination of techniques. Mixing the gray pencil and digital coloring was a challenge that resulted in images that contrast the texture and roughness of pencil with the smooth and evenness of digital coloring.

The book is targeted for children who are transitioning from picture to wordbooks. Images nurtured the story and smoothed the reader’s eye through the pages. The story is about a boy who suffers from being too sensitive in a hard and ruthless world, through a series of adventures he will discover that this characteristic that made him “weak” for some situations, is his best ally to fight indifference and create better realities for children.

“Steffen en de Droomballon” is written in Dutch by Harry P.A. van de Water and was published by Paris Books in Nederland in 2016.


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